In the AM

Staring at the black empty ceiling
Like the void within you.
How did you fall into this abyss,
From cloud nine.

Spirits were high,
Now all you yearn for is that brightness
In your life here, in the screen of that phone
Next to you. The best you get now.
And it comes.

You take it off silent
You don’t want to fall asleep
On this moment.
On this feeling.

The dreaminess sweeps you up
Eventually; but you let it.

Because migratory birds
Always find their way back
To the warmth of home.

Aussie Skies

You’re miles up
And this feeling, you used to love it.
The tranquility of the skies,
The expanse, the never-ending possibilities,
And the future.

But life’s a two-way street,
Where tranquility transpires into
Your thoughts float away.
To the tune of a sad playlist.

You freefall.
You used to hate this feeling.
Lost. Out of control. Spiralling.

You find yourself on the two-way street.
Through the free-fall, tears will one day
Become rushes of adrenaline, of joy.
And your mind drifts off, back to
Those endless possibilities.

To new beginnings.
Is this what it feels like?


Distance is but a word.

They can’t share a touch,
But an all too familiar tune rings.

As the notes glide from one to the next,
Thoughts drift off as they stare into the distance

The views, though different
Share the same thoughts
And the same yearning.

One day the thoughts will collide,
And touch
And flutter.

The world awaits.


Maybe we rushed in head first
Too fast, too soon.
Hearts always a step ahead of our bodies.

You wish you could do things differently
But it’s always too late.

A clock one tick too much.
A leap one inch too little.

You’d kill to go back to the beginning.

A pendulum released
Never returns to the start.


It’s 7pm and I’m here at a quaint and chill cbtl and honestly I feel like I am quite done with this life of drudgery

These past few weeks have been just a whole lot of studying and the readings and the tutorials and the constant inputs into my to-do reminder list are never-ending and borderline overwhelming

I haven’t had time to reply anyone or do anything (lmao tbh I’m just gonna pull out of joinmun but I just haven’t decided on a timing to reply them) and also I’ve been exercising like twice a week which is probably unhealthy af considering how much I eat everyday like my workouts are just on the weekends because I get so tired and I don’t have time on weekdays to squeeze anything in

It’s 7pm and I haven’t had dinner and I’m surviving on 5 hours of sleep like well done body, idek how you’re holding up but there is actual knowledge going into my head and staying in there

It’s 7pm and I’m hungry af and honestly kitweng, you got to stop having expectations of people like ffs dude, do you not learn

Here’s some small inspiration which might spark some writing but we shall see

The people don’t know
The toil of the farmers
For that pile of greens
Always presented,
But never appreciated.

I think I might go for a run tonight.


We sat
Mere breaths away
Yet we seemed to be oceans apart.

You were a buoy
Free from the chains of its anchor.
Drifting aimlessly
Ever susceptible.

I was but a kayaker
Lost, without its paddle
Tormented and directionless.

All we had were each other.

That night,
Under the stars,
Our hands intertwined
And the oceans all but disappeared.


Not my best work, and it was kinda slipshod. And cliche, and kinda out of my comfort zone, but I really felt like I needed to churn something out to keep me focused and sane. 🙂

Night Owl

I realised I haven’t written on here in a long while omg and it’s partly been due to the fact that I’ve just been trying to settle into law school

Week 2 has considerably been much better and way less overwhelming than the first week, knowing what to prioritise and what not to prioritise, and which modules are at the top of your to-do list and which are always dead last

/typing this while on the train at 1230am because I have nothing better to do but more importantly, I’m not in an uber at this ungodly timing so I’m saving money (supposedly)/

But the late timing also just points at how my life is now thrown into the 6-hours-of-sleep days, and studying late into the night

I guess I honestly don’t know why so many people are stressing out and having so much to study and it kinda worries me abit because idk if it’s because I’m efficient or because I’m just so slow

Probably the latter HAHA

But then again, “studying late into the night” constitutes multiple breaks and random conversations with study buddies so….ya

But guess I’m really not panicking at all HAHA and still going out to have fun and partying help lah

I really feel like the group of people I am around do indeed “work hard and play hard” so that’s good because I really spent a huge part of these past 2 weeks deciding how hard to work, especially in an ungraded first sem

And I kinda decided that I’m just going to go out and have fun whenever appropriate and not too excessive, but that probably also means that I’ll be sleeping at 1am everyday and not to mention my four 9am days

But I’m really glad that regardless of how much work I have or how lost I am, I still can find the time to watch soccer and play sports and go out and party and drink and watch a movie and just chill because I think that’s the kind of life that someone needs to lead a healthy life and a healthy mindset

It really triggers me when people are all study study study at every available opportunity and ofc while this is my own personal opinion, I feel like sometimes I just have to distance myself a little from them and take a break

Just yesterday, I couldn’t understand why people would want to do work or study on a Friday. Maybe I’ve become too accustomed to TGIFs during my working days or just been someone who always saw Fridays as a day to destress and to signal the end of a week. So I was really perplexed as to why people would want to “go home and study” on a Friday

/maybe this is law school/

This is but week 2.

Okay of course the having fun has its own repercussions like not making it to planned meetings on a Saturday morning but no regrets I guess


This post has been very confusing and all over the place omg I do apologise for my lack of coherence in my thoughts

Just hoping that the coming weeks can allow me to have some time to find some inspiration to write and to have some more fun (??)

It’s been a decent two weeks, but boy, the adventure and journey has just started.